Leisa’s Place

Our wonderful new Library named in loving memory of Leisa Crane Dedicated July 20, 2017

Biddeford Pool Library

Happy Spring everyone  It’s been a tough winter for many here in the area and beyond. May the coming months bring us beautiful weather and opportunities to gather with one another in the sunshine renewing friendships and making new ones.

Your library will continue to be open on Thursday mornings throughout these next two months until mid June at which time we will add Monday morning open hours. After July 1st it is my hope that we will again be open Monday through Friday from 10am to 12pm. There will be times when open hours will be adjusted around specific seasonal activities taking place in our building. In addition, opening depends on volunteer availability. If you would be interested in becoming a regular volunteer at the library please contact Sue Maccalous.

We have added several new and almost new books to our offerings. Thanks and appreciation goes to all of those who have remembered our little library throughout these past many months with both financial support as well as many excellent reads.

On the BPCC website, you will find a book list of our adult reading material offered since 2017 listed in alphabetical order by author. At the library there may be books written in years previous to 2017 by some of your favorite authors. We do move books on to other venues if there has been no interest in them over time. As much as we prefer to have “everything” here, space is limited as we try to add new publications. Your suggestion for new books is always welcomed.

Reminders: Please do not borrow any book without signing out formally or leaving a note with your name, book author/title. Also PLEASE return books in a timely manner as others may be waiting for them.

Sue Maccalous, xraychic17@yahoo.com