Leisa’s Place

Our wonderful new Library named in loving memory of Leisa Crane Dedicated July 20, 2017

Fall Library

Library News: As the summer winds down, we would like to thank all of our volunteers who willingly gave time to our library this summer. We were able to have open hours Monday through Friday as well as Story Hour each Monday evening.

Many of these volunteers have been involved with the library for several years and many offer their time throughout the year. Many thanks to each of you for what you offer to the Community.

We have also received several book donations anonymously given for possible incorporation into our system. These are appreciated and can help to keep our need for additional funds balanced. Be assured if they cannot fit into the system, they are passed onto to others who are grateful for the help. Please call Sue Maccalous if you have book donations  .

The Library hours for the month of September will be every Monday and Thursday morning from 10-12pm. From October forward we will return to Thursday mornings only.

We have several books that have not been returned after many weeks and months of living elsewhere. Please look about and return what you have borrowed as soon as possible.

Children’s books are in the majority of these unreturned items. The RETURN BOX at the side entrance is always available.  No fees…just thanks.

We hope you will take the time to use your Library often both enjoying the peaceful space and taking advantage of the many new titles  there.

Any questions or suggestions, please call Sue Maccalous. H 207-283-1743

PJ Story Hour July 29th, 2019

We are looking for a volunteer(s) to carry on with the Story Hour beginning in 2020. Please speak with Michelle or Sue Maccalous if you would like to discuss the possibility of taking on this responsibility next year.

Library Please Do’s and Please Dont’s

DO visit your library often for a great read.

DO return books as soon as finished. We still have many, many UNRETURNED books. DON’T forget to look around for what belongs to BPCC.

DO make suggestions for new titles.

DO offer donations of books. They are gratefully received by contacting Sue Maccalous first. DON’T simply drop them off as we cannot always keep everything that may be offered due to space or  duplication. Thank you all so much for making the Library an important part of our community

Adult Book’s Acquired 2016-2018

list updated 7/29/18
BPCC Adult Book List 20180729

Adult Book List Printable

PJ Story Hour Monday July 23rd, 2018 was well attended and had a special visit by two pirates
July 23rd surprise visit from a couple rogue pirates
The library reopened for business March 2nd, 2017 with all staff present.
The Library moved into its new home January 14th, 2017 with lots of help and much fun….