Leisa’s Place

Our wonderful new Library named in loving memory of Leisa Crane Dedicated July 20, 2017

Leisa’s Place at the BPCC Library

Welcome to the fall season here in Maine! The air is crisp and the wind ever present ushering in all the coming changes for each of us. The library is now operating on a once a week opening…..Thursdays 10am – 12pm. If by some chance you cannot get here during that timeframe, please call me. I most likely can help.

I recently announced that it was determined we would be eliminating the audio CD book collection. In recent years, it has rarely been utilized by our patrons. If there is anyone out there who would like any of these for their permanent collection, please let me know in the next couple of weeks and they are yours! After that they will be removed. Space is at a premium in the library.

The other project which will occur in the next months will involve the materials we have for children of all ages! As suggested by one of our volunteers, it is time to clean out and do some serious updating! I couldn’t agree more! I will keep you informed in future newsletters.

I am not offering a new list of desired titles with this publication. However, if you have something new to offer as a donation or a suggestion for our purchase, please be in touch. In the meanwhile, I hope that many of you will utilize our great little library for your next read! Not only will you get a good book but our volunteers will enjoy having a visit with you!

See you at the BPCC Library!

contact Sue Maccalous @xraychic17@yahoo.com


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