Long Range 2019 Functions’ Plans include:

  • July 4th – Parade & BPVFD Cook-Out
  • July 13th  –  Seaside Fair
  • August 2,3,4, – Artists By The Sea
  • August 18th – Coastal Mixer
  • August 25th  –  Tom Snow Jazz Concert
  • September 28th ? – Baked Bean & BBQ Rib Dinner
  • October 18th – Annual Meeting / Pot Luck Supper
  • December 4th – Annual Christmas Tea & Union Church Cookie Walk
  • December 22nd –  Annual Christmas Party

Introducing “Stories from the Pool”

Biddeford Pool is changing. Only a few members of the older generation are still alive, and their memories are disappearing with them. So a group of people associated with the Biddeford Pool Historical Society have started a blog (a kind of online magazine) where we can all share our memories of summers at the Pool.  
So far there are more than half a dozen articles athttps://storiesfromthepool.blogspot.com  We’d like you to send us your stories too, starting with when and why your family started vacationing here.Click on the links under the banner at the top of the home page to learn how you can get involved.
For more information, contact Janice Hamilton atjanhamilton66@gmail.com or Christy Bergland atchristy.bergland@gmail.com

Community Service 5/18/19

Education award winner Derrick Leger, who is the grandson of members Ken and Bonnie Buechs, worked off his community service requirement this morning. He removed sections of rotten fencing from the Community Center grounds clearing the way for new fencing. He also removed the nails from 60 or so pickets for possible reuse by some of the communities more artistic types who may have an eye for such material. Derrick is a sophomore at the University of Vermont majoring in computer science. Good luck this year Derrick and Thank You for your help.


Exhibit Space Library/Gallery

The Library/Gallery exhibit space will need some new Art Works come Spring. It can be a group show or solo exhibit up for about 6 weeks or more. If you are interested, please contact Diane Noble at dbmn27@maine.rr.com

Hope to see you soon!

Garden Problem Solving, & Vegetarian Dinner

Saturday, April 6th, 2019

St Patty’s Dinner (76 served plus 7 to go)

March 16, 2019

Some of many historical photos of Biddeford Pool soon to be added to bpoolphotos.com

BPCC Bathroom Remodel Feb 12 – April 12

Coach Beaudry

The above plaque of Coach Jim Beaudry was mounted in 2018 on the wall in a section of the UNE Harold Alfond Forum where Mr. Beaudry sits to watch basketball games. Some people think seats in this section are reserved although nobody does anything to “dissuade them of that notion”.  Jim Beaudry HA ’01, Director of Athletics at St. Francis College for 21 years, was inducted in the University of New England’s first-ever class.  Beaudry coached baseball, men’s basketball, men’s soccer, cross country, and men’s golf at St. Francis before it became the University of New England. Mr. Beaudry and his family are longtime residents of Biddeford Pool.

Wood Island Lighthouse

Newly formed Organization Pursuing Maine Specialty License Plate To Raise Funds For Lighthouse Preservation

FOWIL Volunteer, Sean Murphy, has formed the Maine Lighthouse Trust, a charitable organization, to benefit all Maine lighthouses with the proceeds generated by the sale of a new specialty Lighthouse License Plate.
Maine motorists throughout the State are urged to pre-order the new plate to meet the 2000 threshold required for state authorization of specialty plates. Once authorized, $10 of the normal
$25 fee motorists pay for specialty plates will go into the Trust to be distributed to Maine lighthouses and lighthouse organizations for preservation and restoration of Maine’s iconic lighthouses, and for public education.
When the threshold is met, the Trust will submit the pre-paid application funds to the Maine Secretary of State to submit proposed legislation to the Maine Legislature seeking authorization of the specialty plate. The legislature will also have final approval of the design of the license plate itself. The Secretary of State has already given its approval of a design proposed by the Trust. That design features our own Wood Island Lighthouse Tower!
The goal is eventually to sell many thousands of plates and generate a significant annual revenue stream to the Trust for distribution, which will be via a grant application process. Once the plate is approved and in production, possibly taking a year, each of the 2,000 pre-sale registrants will receive a BMV voucher that can be taken to a local municipal office or BMV branch and redeemed for a set of lighthouse plates. The Maine Lighthouse Trust will then receive $10 from every plate purchase and renewal.
A special feature of the Trust’s campaign will allow motorists making one of these 2000 pre-order purchases to designate a particular lighthouse to be the direct recipient of the $10 the Trust receives for the initial purchase and every renewal of those particular plates. So, here is how you can help Wood Island Lighthouse:
Pre-order a $25 plate for each of your Maine-registered vehicle(s) AND,
Be sure to name Wood Island Lighthouse as the beneficiary of the funds from your plate pre-order purchase!
For information on how to pre-order and more information about this initiative, visit the Mainelighthousetrust

Sunrise in Maine

Ocean Ave Biddeford Pool, August 1954

Fourtunes Rocks Beach, December 2016

Cadillac Mountain, December 2014