Outdoor Activities:

East Point Audubon Sanctuary

Lester B Orcutt Blvd

Timber Point Trail, Granite Point

End of Granite Point Road

Wood Island Lighthouse

Reservations are required and must be made online. For the tour schedule and to make your reservation, visit FOWIL’s website at www.woodislandlighthouse.org.

Take a step back in time to experience the lighthouse and the lives of its keepers a century ago.

Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens


A Maine Adventure

Eagle Lake Locomotives Abandoned in 1933

Eagle Lake is part of the Allagash Wilderness Waterway.  These two locomotives were abandoned in 1933 along with many rail cars, of which, all that is left are the wheels still sitting on the rails.  The Allagash lies west of Baxter State Park and is roughly a 600 mile round trip from Biddeford Pool.  If you undertake this trip remember to take the second right at mile marker 15.  Once on this road you have an additional 6 mile drive and then a 45 min walk into the trains.  At the end of the trail your first view of these locomotives is through evergreen trees and it is a sight you will not soon forget.

Town of Biddeford Recyclable Items

Biddeford and most towns across our nation are grappling with recycling issues.  China is refusing to take our recycled products due to contamination and if they stop it won’t be long before we as a nation have to stop recycling as we will have no place to put it.  Once that happens we will all pay a hefty price to get rid of our trash….Please follow the below instructions when discarding your trash.